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Orange Dongle Deal

April 15th, 2010

We’ve recently looked at Vodafone and 3 Mobile, and now it’s time to look at a dongle deal that’s a little cheaper.  Both 3 Mobile and Vodafone were offering their dongles deals at £15 a month, both offering different contract lengths and download allowances.  Orange Mobile offer a dongle deal for only £10 a month, but let’s see just what you get for that very reasonable free…

Well Orange have long been a trusted mobile communications company and so you would think that you’d get a good deal from them wouldn’t you.  Well they do offer 7.2mbs speed, just like many of the others i’ve reviewed, and at £5 cheaper.  So where do they let the side down?  Where does that extra £5 go with the other dongle deals?

Well the answer sadly ends with the download allowance.  Orange off a quite miserable 1GB of download allowance.  Now although this is sure to be enough for the average internet user on the train and anyone who doesn’t need to download much at all, but for those gamers out there or those music fans out there, this dongle deal is a very bad one.  Personally at £10 a month i think that you’re going to attract a lot of youngsters, but to then offer them that miserable download allowance is terrible.

Orange would have been better to up the contract length and increased the download allowance to at least 3GB whilst keeping the same price.

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