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Orange Mobile Dongle Deals

February 9th, 2010

Orange, usually better known for their mobile phone deals are of course a thriving part of the broadband business and they too offer dongles at a great rate.  It seems to be the thing these days to have all mobile phone companies offering dongles and mobile internet…

I suppose they call it progress.  After all, where would all these companies go if they didn’t move with the current technologies.  Well Orange are well and truly here, and they are better than ever.

The option E1752 Dongle from Orange has all the stuff you need without all the fancy stuff, at a reasonable price.  These features include:

  • Super fast internet dongle speeds of up to 7.2 mbs
  • 18 month contract
  • 1GB of data storage

All this can be yours for just £10 per month, with a free dongle!  This is one of the more modest packages, but it would suit some users perfectly.  So don’t rule out Orange, they are still big players in the mobile communications buiness.

Of course the very best thing you could do is to compare as many of the different dongle deals as you can.  That way you are sure to get the best deal around; and i don’t necessarily mean price.  They are all pretty much the same price these days, but you do need to know that you will get the best features for your money and the very best coverage if you’re a travelling person.

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