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Orange Pay As You Go Dongle

July 20th, 2010

Orange have long been an excellent service provider for telephony services and internet.  Now they offer orange pay as you go dongles as part of their line up.  Pay as you go dongles are the best thing to get if you are a light user and you can carry your credit over to the following month…

Pay As You Go Dongle Deals From Orange

Orange pay as you go dongles offer the following features:

  • £15 for a 1 month contract
  • 7.2Mb in speed
  • 2GB in downloads
  • Free unlimited 1 hour of web surfing per day!
  • Dongle will cost you £29.99

So this isn’t a bad deal, although the dongle itself will cost you nearly £30.  But once you have it you don’t have to buy another so that’s good, you simply have to top it up with more credit (or GBs i should say).  They offer services at three levels: Racoon, Dolphin and Panther.  These rather unlikley names represent the level of service and browsing etc that the customer is likely to use; for example, a light user will require the Racoon plan that gives you 500 MB of usuage.

Sign Up For The Lower Price Deal

You have to be careful when you choose your plan from Orange however because you really need to know the kind of things you can do with 500 MB of usage before you sign up for the deal.  However, having said that, it is actually better to sign up for the lower price deal and realise that you need more, rather than sign up for something you don’t need and waste a lot of usage.  You could save yourself pounds by budgetting appropriately.

With a pay as you go deal you need to decide what would suit you best some people prefer pay as you go wireless dongles for the fact they are not commited to any lengthy contract so they can stop or start using the internet as and when they please.

There are many advantages to either dependant on your personal needs and and budget that you have set aside, other factors include what you use the internet for do you play online games alot or do you just like to check up on e mails or social networks from time to time this will depend on which internet speeds you would rather have and the size of the download and data allowance the comparison tables on this website are very helpfull and informative in helping you make a decision.

Overall purchasing and owning a wireless internet dongle is a great idea even if you have a broadband router in your house they are great for enabling you to be able to connect to the internet on the go be it at a friends or on the train for work or for pleasure there are a multitude of options to choose from which obviously could make it quite a task without the aid of this site so get on the comparison tables to make a well informed decision and grab yourself a great deal for a wireless internet dongle be it contract or pay as you go and have the privelige of mobile internet no matter when or where you are.

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