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Orange USB Stick And O2 Dongle Deals

June 29th, 2010

When it comes to getting a good deal on your dongles you know you’re reading the right blog don’t you?  Of course you do.  And now we’re going to have a closer look at what these two big names in dongle deals have to offer: Orange and O2…

Orange Dongle Deals

The orange broadband dongle deal has almsot always been about low cost, they simply pride themselves on low cost mobile internet.  This deal is no different in many ways.  For just £10 a month you could get your hands on the following great features from Orange with one of their internet dongles:

  • 7.2Mb Speed
  • 1.5Gb Speed
  • 18 month contract.
  • All for £10 a month

Now that has to be pretty good for anyone who is a light user and doesn’t have to download a lot of music and do loads of online gaming doesn’t it?  I mean in reality they are offering the same speeds as many dongle deals at three times as expensive!  The only thing that’s not too good is the download allowance, but as i just said, that isn’t really a problem if you don’t use it.

O2 Dongle Deals

O2 will offer a prettty good deal too, and depending o what you are looking for from your dongle they are likley to have a dongle plan to suit you.  The thing about all the dongle deals you see on this website and all other sites is that they are dependent on what the customer wants from their dongle. The most important thing is always to get a dongle that suits your needs. With a dongle from O2 you can expect at least the following:

  • 3.6Mb Speed
  • 1Gb Dowloads
  • 18 month contract
  • All for £10 a month.

Not a great deal when you compare it with Orange really is it?  It does not compete with the speed, and their download rate is even less than the already small one offered by Orange.

And that is the beauty of this web site as it is the place you can come to and find out quickly exactly what you need to know and whats the best you can get for your money after all everyone wants to get the most possible for the money they are spending out in this current economic climate obviously as with all comparison sites you need to have a slight idea of what you are looking for but lets face it you wouldn’t be here reading this if you didn’t also take into account the deals that have been compared on here arent the only deals that these network providers offer there are a multitude of deals to be had all depending on what you want from your dongle and how much money you have set aside to pay for the internet and sufing the web.

So get to it! you know you want a dongle and you are now aware of a range of deals that can be taken advantage of from all the major network providers, all of the information on here is correct at time of press and continually updated just make sure whatever you decide, to check first the network coverage of the particular network provider you wish to use because it would be awful to spend the short amount of time you need on here to decide which dongle you need get one then find out you could of had a better signal with someone else. Although these days there isnt a great deal of difference its still always worth a check.


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