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Other Vodafone Free Laptop deals

June 22nd, 2010

Vodafone are so ahead of the dongle market these days that they’ve got around 3 or 4 different free laptop dongle deals out there at the moment.  Here are a couple of them from lower down the list and our opinions on them so far…

Free Laptop Deals With Vodafone

Vodafone offer both of the laptop deals with the following features for mobile internet:

  • 7.2Mb speed.
  • 3Gb Downloads
  • 24 month contracts
  • £30 per month for both laptops.

The laptops themselves are from Dell and Samsung, so no doubt a free laptop with  Vodafone deal will be  somewhere down the line with this big name in laptop producers.  The first free laptop is the Dell Mini 10 worth around £299 from any good retailer.  Paying this much per month to get this laptop free is a pretty good deal in our opinion.

The second free laptop deal gets you a Samsung N130 worth £299.  This is also a pretty good laptop and you shouldn’t always be drawn to the Dell name because they have fancy adverts with catchy theme tunes.  Samsung offer just as much quality as a Dell and you might just find that because you’re not paying for the Dell name on your free laptop deal you might get that little bit more out of a free laptop dongle deal with a Samsung N130.

We strongly advise to take the recommendations of a PC expert before deciding which free laptop deal you would go for; our knowledge is only limited when it comes to this.

there are plenty to choose from if you cant find any on online forums there are high street shops where assistants would be happy to advise you and all of this is even before word of mouth and advise from friends plenty of research is the key for getting the best deal with these but other factors like how much you are into computers also play a key role after all as long as the laptop isnt really old they generally all do the same thing when it comes to surfing the net the big difference is processor speeds and memory all of which mainly concern tech heads and wouldnt be much bother to someone who just pops on the net every now and then to check e mails or social networks.

Judging by the brand names of these laptops you know you will be safe they are from reputable manufacturers who have been producing good quality laptops for a number of years now and the best thing is you are not going to have to shell out all of the money for one up front these units can be quite expensive to buy outright and cost anything from £300 upward though it may cost you a little more in the long run spreading it with monthly payment i certainly know i could come up with £30 a month a lot quicker than i could come up with the full price of a new laptop even is you already have a laptop you may have a relative or a child that would like one wouldnt it be nice to get the contract dongle you need and give the laptop as a gift ?

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