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Pay As You Go Broadband Dongle

January 27th, 2011

Pay as You Go Broadband Dongle

Are you interested in gaining access to the online world via a mobile broadband dongle? If you wish to use mobile broadband dongles you have some choices to make. First, you need to consider the types of packages, dongles, and providers there are. Second, you have to think about how much time you spend on the internet and how much time you are likely to spend using your dongle. You may not need the dongle every day of the month. You may also find if you pay for one gigabyte to be used in one month that you do not use all of it. You also have to decide if a pay as you go option is the best rather than signing up for a contract.

A contract locks you into a specific mobile broadband provider until the contract is up. If you need more flexibility then pay as you go broadband dongle products are best. We will look at a few examples to better help you make your decision regarding pay as you go dongle products.

Cheap Pay as You Go Broadband Dongle

Cheap pay as you go broadband dongle options provide you with 1.5Mbps of speed for downloads. You are also limited to megabytes per month and perhaps at most 1 gigabyte per month. If you use up the usage allowance you can always purchase more. You also have the option of purchasing more than 1GB per month, though the plans will increase as you increase the data allowance.

3 has a variety of packages for broadband dongle pay as you go choices. One option is a 1GB a month package in which you have the ability to send 1000 emails, surf the internet for 10 hours, download 5 four minute videos, and download 32 four minute music tracks. The amounts listed are quite a bit when you compare them to Orange. Orange offers packages in which you obtain the ability for 35 emails, 1.5 hours of surfing, and 3 minutes of YouTube. This is their 500 MB package. They also have a package for 1GB with 35 emails, 2 hours surfing, 5 minutes YouTube, a few music downloads, and 15 minutes of streaming radio or video.

In addition to the usage allowance you also have to purchase the mobile broadband pay as you go modem. The modem is the USB stick that looks a lot like a memory stick. Instead of file saving abilities the dongle has a modem inside allowing you to connect to the net. A relatively inexpensive product for broadband dongles pay as you go are the ones with 7.2Mbps capabilities. 7.2Mbps is the fastest any dongle technology can offer, whether it is the payg broadband dongle or the contract version.

Dongle pay as you go options are the least expensive for those who do not use mobile broadband often. Since you can purchase a small amount of usage time to be on the internet, you will feel that you are not paying too much each month in order to get online. Furthermore, you do not have to purchase more allowance if you know you will not be using the dongle for the month or for a few weeks after your last allowance expires. With contracts you pay whether you use it or not, making it a heavy obligation.


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