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Pay As You Go Dongles From 3 Mobile

July 27th, 2010

3 Mobile are on the ball with there offers, although they’re not quite topping T-Mobile at the moment.  You can check out the dongle offers from T-Mobile here.  Read on for the pay as you go dongle deal from 3 mobile, it might be just right for you…

Let’s face it, if you’ve seen the offer from T-Mobile then you’ll know that it’s a pretty difficult offer to top, but you have to hand it to the guys at 3 Mobile when they’ve come up with something that gets pretty close.

They offer the following:

  • Pre loaded dongle (with 1GB usage) for £29.99
  • 7.2Mb speed.  This is faster than T-Mobile, so these guys can actually compete quite well here.

This doesn’t come with any more frills though i’m afraid.  There is no 1 hour free surfing here, and there is no daily top up for £2 like you get with T-Mobile (which is what makes it top of the heap at the moment).  But i rather like the idea of the simplicity of this deal and the fact that it’s a lot faster too.  You get broadband speeds here for a reasonable price and no hassle.  Top ups are easy and you simply plug in and surf.

Check The Reviews For Great Deals From 3 Mobile

Don’t write off 3 Mobile until you’ve had a good long think about what you actually need from your pay as you go dongle first of all you may need to check the coverage for the area your most likely to be using your wireless internet dongle to check you will always have a good reception after all you wouldnt want to pay out a sum of money to recieve poor performace from a product now would you ? There are some great reviews on this site if you are unsure otherwise there are all sorts of deals on this site from contracts to pay as you go take a moment to think wether you would prefer to tie into a contract or if you would rather not have that commitment and just be able to use the internet here and there everybody differs some people need or want to be connected to the internet constantly others may only want to check thier prefered social networking site or check e mails from time to time.

Once you have had a good think and decided which avenue you would like to take on the contract vs pay as you go side of things you would probably want to move on to things like download speeds and internet usage allowances again this would be down to preference and how much you use the internet and what you use the internet for an avid gamer may want or need high speeds to keep up with others someone that likes to download alot of music would also benefit from large download limits.

The main thing to remember when choosing a wireless internet dongle above is its down to you and your needs there is such a wide range of products and deals to choose from you can almost get yourself a deal that is tailored to your needs so dont hesitate go straight to the comparison tables on this site and grab yourself a deal.

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