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Safe Dongle Surfing

Now that the whole word an his wife has gone wireless there are much more opportunities to take your PC anywhere you want in the house to do a spot of wireless interent surfing.  This is great to get some quality time to yourself, but have you stopped to consider what sort of effect having a dongle and/or a wireless internet network in your home could have on your children?…

Children like to browse wirelessly too you know, and there is nothing they hate more than having their parents looking over their shoulder; particularly when they are messaging their new best friend about he hot boy in History class!  So what can you do to ensure that they are wirelessly surfing the interent and chatting safely? (if that’s what you want them to do).

If your children (probably more than likely your teenager) has a dongle, it is worth knowing that you can get them with parental controls.  This is well worth the money, and i think you will find that all major dongle providers (indeed all wireless internet providers) will have something in place for this kind of customer.  Considering that children and teenagers spend more time on the internet than any other demographic group it would be ridiculous for the dongle companies and wireless service providers not to offer parental control dongles readily.

There are parents out there who care what their children see on the internet.  Are you one of the?

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