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Sister’s Got A Dongle

January 8th, 2010

My sister has gone and got herself a dongle!  No, and it’s not from Ann Summers either!  Seriously for a moment though, my sister never goes anywhere near technology, so here i am left wondering why the hell has she got a dongle?  I didn’t even know she had a computer…

Turns out that she’s had a laptop for a while, so an internet dongle seemed to be the next logical step to move to.  Apparently, she says it’s changed her life.  Now you can see her sitting on the bus with her laptop, smiling away as she chats with her friends online, and you can hear her laughing a mile away when she starts laughing.  How can something as simple as an internet dongle make her so very happy.

Well i have a theory.  It’s like this you see. In order to keep a good mental health we must all get out and socialise or get fresh air and exercise at least.  But this day and age has brought so many demands that so many people are tied to the office.  My sister was one of these people, and without her dongle she was a slave to the doom and gloom of an average day in the office.  Now she can use the internet wirelessly she is out all the time with her laptop and dongle.  In fact, since she’s been going out more i’ve found it easier to get in touch with her!

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