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Small Dongle Packages

December 18th, 2009

They say the best things come in small packages don’t they?  Well, that’s what i keep telling my wife anyway!  This Christmas you can get your hands on a small package that will make any member of your household smile.  It’s an internet dongle of course (what else would it be on this website?)…

These little dongles can brighten up any Christmas morning without too much trouble.  That is if you don’t mind your children pluggin in their dongles and sitting on their asses all morning surfing the internet.  I suppose that’s just what Christmas is becoming these days.  What ever happened to the time when a child was happy to play with a spinning top and chew on a sugared mouse.  Now they have to have their stocking filled with dongles and games and multi-pack chocolates.  I must say however, this is making me look forward to Christmas even more than i was already!

So buy an internet dongle for your loved ones, simply because it really does seem like an obvious gift for the youth of today.  They all have dongles these days, and those without them are like the girl with the hairy legs who plays violin, and no-one talks to.  I’m just kidding about that girl by the way, and regardless of how many dongles there are, you should never neglect this girl; i married her, and guess what?  She started shaving her legs, and boy oh boy, what legs!

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