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Small Dongles

February 2nd, 2010

Now some of you may argue that bigger is better.  And some of you might even argue that having a big dongle makes you more of a man.  It doesn’t.  Let me tell you why i think smaller is better…

Well you can imagine why i think small dongles are better i’m sure, but let’s just consider the average size of the things for a moment.  They can sometimes be as big as your thumb can’t they?  Trust me, they can, and if you haven’t seen them this size or bigger then you are clearly making the right decisions.

Now having one of these big dongles can be potentially harmful for a very important reason: it could get knocked out.  Believe me, when you are on the train in the morning and it stops somewhere you don’t want to get out, and you move to allow people to squeeze past you at your table, there is a very good chance that your dongle could be pushed or otherwise dislocated from your laptop.

It’s not always the same on all laptop computers however, and some of them do allow the dongle to fit in quite nicely without leaving it sticking out the side or the back where it can cause trouble.  This happened to me once and i lost all the work i was doing on a website.

I suppose that the only benefit of having a big dongle is that you are less likely to lose it.  Having a small one is safer but a little more hard to locate when you get it lost.  There’s some food for thought folks!

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