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So What Is a Dongle?

November 14th, 2009

Put quite simply, an internet dongle is a device that plugs into your laptop enabling you to go online anywhere.  Dongles are the basic piece of hardware required to get mobile internet services.

You need to get your dongle from a mobile broadband provider but are not sure what an internet dongle is and how it will help you get online when you are on the go.  There are loads of offers out there, so be sure to look carefully at what you’re paying for; don’t get something you don’t need!  Dongles come with all different packages, and you can even get pay as you go dongles.  So if you want a wifi internet dongle get comparing the prices to help you get the best deals and to save you money on your next dongle purchase.

A good thing to check before you go off on a dongle hunt is to find out if your current internet service provider will offer you a dongle on your existing package.  If you’re paying a certain amount in internet charges from home, you may as well get an internet dongle in the deal too; i’m sure you would agree.  So give them a call or drop them an email and just be a little cheeky.  Ask straight out and if they say they don’t do dongle deals for existing customers tell them that you think that they should.  The way i see it is that nothing changes unless enough people ask for it; these internet dongle dealers have enough cash to make a few good offers! This post has hopefully provided a solid introduction to what a dongle is but to find out in full what is an internet dongle please go and read our full article on the subject for a detailed explanation all about internet dongles.

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