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Students Need Dongles

March 8th, 2010

It’s a fact, and if you’re a concerned parent who knows their son or daughter doesn’t have a dongle and needs access to the internet when they’re out and about studying in libraries and on the train etc, it’s time to rethink that Christmas or birthday present you were planning…

You will do your student son or daughter a big favour by giving them access to mobile internet with the use of a dongle.  And the good thing is that this needn’t cost you a fortune.  You can get a dongle for your young learner quite inexpensively, and let’s face it, unless you want to continue paying for the damn thing you’re also going to need to buy something they can eventually take over the payments for aren’t you?

This is the time to start comparing internet dongles and choose one that will suit the student perfectly.  There are many deals out there and there are many different types of students and learners.  If you’re planning on buying them a laptop also for example, you might be interested to know that you can now get free laptops when you sign up to various different dongle packages.  It’s always worth doing a short analysis to find out what they need before you rush out and get what you think.

Another mistake you can make is to get them involved in purchase too much.  They will no doubt tell you that they want the best one out there on the market, perhaps even tell you that their laptop is no good and they need one of the free laptop deals.  I’m not saying that your son or daughter is going to try and con you, i’m merely saying that with young people they often think that the more expensive things are the better things, and this is almost certainly not the case.

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