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T-Mobile Broadband Dongle

March 25th, 2010

T Mobile have always brought great mobile offers to their customers and now they certainly bring great mobile internet dongle deals.  These guys will bring you free laptop deals and standard dongle deals.  Today we’ll look at one of their standard dongle deals to see what kind of speeds and contracts they have to offer…

They’re pretty hot at the moment as far as prices are concerned and they’ve tried to remain in the middle ground whilst still offering great speeds and downloads.  Their 4.5 Mb speed beat providers like O2 with their 3.6Mb, and also their download allowance does well at 3Gbs when O2 are only offering 1Gb,  and yet they are charging the same price and offering the same length contract.  So the question should be, why would anyone want to go with O2 when they can have T mobile for the same price?  T mobile also do not charge a different “run on” rate whereas many other providers do.  This means that should you go over your allowance you won’t be charged at an extra expensive rate.

Just when you think that dongle providers are being competitive you realise that a little more comparing and searching will reveal that some of them just clearly don’t check out the competition often enough.

T Mobile are certainly worth a closer look when you’re choosing a good quality, and reliable wireless internet dongle provider.

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