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T-Mobile Dongles

January 26th, 2010

T-Mobile are offering some pretty good deals on their dongles at the moment.  The pay as you go (or PAYG) market is the most lucrative for the mobile internet companies at the moment, and they’ve soon discovered that every teenager appears to have a laptop these days…

And if they all have a laptop then they all need an internet connection don’t they?  Well T-Mobile have come up with their very latest dongle deal and it certainly challenges other PAYG dongle deals on the market.  For £19 you can get a dongle and £10 top up!  They offer the usual dongle speeds of up to 3.6mb, but it’s always worth remembering that no matter what your dongle speed says it all depends on where you are when you surf the internet.

Anyway, the deal sounds good doesn’t it?  And it appeals to the youngsters.  T-Mobile have really captured the market with this dongle deal.  Another feature that appeals to most youngsters is that when you buy a dongle from them they also offer 30 days of free, unlimited web browsing!  Now that’s not bad news at all!  But the finest thing about this offer, and the one i personally like the best is that you only pay for the days on which you surf!  You can choose to set your own pricing level on the dongle too.  You can have £2 a day or up to £15 a month, depending on how much you need to be online.  You can work this out at a later date also, so there’s no need to worry about estimating.


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