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Teach Your Children With a Dongle

September 17th, 2010

This is the IT era, there is no question about it, and unless something radical happens to make us all go backwards, we will all need to have some if not alot of  IT experience in order to survive in a ever increasing business and social networking community after all there is barely anything you can not find out how to do or use or buy that the interent can not provide some sort of help with…

You may have been worried about your children going on the internet as there is as many potentially harmfull sites as there are good educational ones, but you have to understand that this is now a part of popular culture that you will not get around by preventing them doing so at home as internet access is being built into so many different gadgets as standard its becoming like the digital watch was in the 1980’s from hand held consoles to mobile telephones not many people all over the world are without it now.  There are many ways in which you can educate your children online and you need to consider this as at some point you will have to leave them alone with a very powerfull and informative tool at their disposal.

Getting your child a laptop computer that they can take around with them and show you what they’re doing is a great idea no doubt alot of their friends have them and they are almost very likely to be proficient in using them or at least familliar from using them at school, but you are going to need a wireless internet device (since that’s what they’ll want to do).  So you need to get them a dongle and make sure that they are on with the safety of parental controls etc.

Teach your Children and Get A Free Laptop

You can now get some great offers for free laptops with dongle deals on the internet and they are all quite competitive offering a wide range of deals on contracts and pay as you go.  You are sure to get a good deal with help from comparison tables and when you put your kids online they will certainly thank you for it.  So go ahead and get them online, and before you start telling them what they can’t do, show them what they can do after all educationally the internet is one of the most powerfull tools on this planet second only by libraries.

Do not be put off by any horror stories you may have heard from other parents about the internet there are many ways and measures put in place by manufacturers and program developers to stop children being able to access content that is not suitable for them to see or learn about relative to their age or what concerns you however you need to be the one that puts these measures in place by the means of passwords and other froms of encryption as such all of which is very easy to find out about even if you are an internet novice yourself.

There is also of course a multitude of web sites that have been put together specifically for children after all it is a profit driven market and if there is one thing marketing profesionalls have learned is to target the parents and their wallets and purses and lets face it computers in one form or another have been one of the main entertainment systems since they were made available to the general public.

All in all if you didnt want your children to be on the internet or have lap top in this day and age you would have to try very hard to keep it out of their way and invariably leave them at a disadvantage to the majority so id advise you do a little (or alot ) of research and use a reputable comparison table to make an informed decision.

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