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Teach Your Kids About Dongles

August 19th, 2010

No, it’s not a bad advert for sex education, it’s about information technology.  The best way to introduce your kids to wireless internet (though it is likely they may already know about from friends and school) and mobile internet is to get them online with a laptop supervise them and let them learn how much it costs and where they can surf.  The best way to learn is to get stuck in and do it a hands on approach is always much more fun than just the theory, so we think this is the best…

A pay as you go broadband dongle will enable your kids to get online and surf when they’re out and about.  It’s important to allow them to experience the joys of information technology since this is the world they will inevitably inherit eventually; and to enter into it unprepared is to accept a life of dreadful existence and ignorance.

When you get them a pay as you go dongle you can top it up for them to begin with and then teach them to manage their money too, so that they can understand how long they can go online, where, and how much it will cost.  Then you can pass the charges onto them to fund themselves.  This is sure to teach them, not only about IT but also about money management.  You really should consider this for as far as a simple gift goes this can teach your children alot about the benefits of being wise with thier own money.

Teach your kids To Use The Best Broadband Dongle

If you think this would be a good option for you and your children id advise you take a look at the comparison tables on this website to help you make an informed decision about which type of dongle you would like as well as working out which network provider would best suit you, you may already have a mobile phone with a preffered provider alternitavely you may not rate your provider that well and feel a different one would better suit your needs for a broadband dongle.

The first thing id advise is to check network coverage in the area you are most likely to be using your broadband dongle they all have different masts in different places making one locale alot better for a particular provider than another it may also be a good idea to get friends opinions of which providers are good in the areas you live safe in the knowledge you are always likely to hear who is dissapointed with what.

Once you made a firm decision on who you would like to provide your network the only thing after that really is to pick yourself a good deal for the right price i could not possibly advise you on this because everyone has different needs be it from price theyd like to pay to bandwidth and usage allowance there are a multitude of deals some with freebies to again just go straight to the comparison tables on this site to get a good idea straight away without having to research the internet for a long time making notes and doing the comparisons yourself.

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