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Teenager Dongles

December 22nd, 2009

Probably the best dongle gift to get a teenager would be a pay as you go dongle.  Let’s face it, the majority of them have laptop computers anyway these days, so there is little to no point in going for one of these, buy a dongle and get a free laptop deals…

But what you can get is a pay as you go dongle.  If you get the right one of these little wifi devices you can really make someone’s day.  There are quite a few pay as you go dongles out there, and just like with the regular internet dongles, there are good dongle deals and bad dongle deals.  The important thing to remember is that if the teenager you’re buying the dongle for, doesn’t go online that often, then don’t get a pay as you go dongle that has an expiry date, simply beause the user of the dongle will run out of time on the internet before they’ve even had much of a chance to go on.  These pay as you go dongle deals are best left for the teenagers who are surgically attached to their laptops and need therapy to get them away from them.

If you’re buying a pay as you go dongle for a light user then go for one that doesn’t have an expiry.  Read the instructions carefully and remember that the teenager you’ve bought it for also needs to be able to continue buying dongle credit; make it affordable or it’s of no real use, is it?

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