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The Best Pay As You Go Dongle Deals

This is what we’re about on Tech Spartan. We like to get you the very best dongle deals online; primarily because you won’t get them better offline.  Today we’re going to look at pay as you go dongles and try to find the best one on the market at the moment…

Pay As You Go Dongle Deals From Vodafone

Looking at two of the top ones at the moment, i’m going to compare the prices of these dongle deals and see if we can come up with a winner.


  • Vodafone pay as you go dongle offers speed of up to 3.6Gb.  This isn’t bad and pretty standard for most pay as you go dongles.
  • They also charge you a little differnently than some of the other standard dongles.  With Vodafone you don’t get a standard monthly download limit like you do with other dongle deals.  Because it’s a pay as you go you pay £15 per Gb of downloads you use.  This is a pretty good idea since you won’t use exactly the same each month.
  • This means there is no monthly fee.
  • Set up cost of £25

T Mobile

  • Speed of up to 3.6Mb.  This is the same as Vodafone.
  • You can pay for your broadband downloads per day for as little as £2 and you can pay for more usages for much longer up to £15 if you like.
  • There is a £20 set up cost with this dongle deal.

So again these two deals are all about who is using them and what for.  If you’re a teenager or student then the second deal might be good for you because you can opt for really cheap payment options like having a day for £2.

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