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The Dongle Makes The World Go Around

August 24th, 2010

That tiny little USB stick that you have in the side of your laptop is allowing us access to the world!  I cannot put it any less dramatically because it isn’t really is it?  When you consider what tasks that tiny little usb stick can accomplish you have to admit that going online with an internet dongle when you’re out and about with your laptop is really something else…

If someone had told me i’d be able to do this 30 years ago i’d have laughed my head of at them.  The technology moves so fast it’s virtually unbelievable.  The other inventions have simply followed the internet dongle, but they haven’t out dated it yet, the dongle is still strong this device could only now be improved unless someone re-inveted the way in which we connect to and surf the net.  You can have mobile phones now that allow you to surf the internet and go online wherever you want to, but they still haven’t managed to come up with anything better than the dongle because the donlge does a specific task; it allows you laptop computer to go online anywhere you want it to and as good as mobile telephones can be they are not always as practical as your laptop.

You can’t beat having a screen you can actually see and read and a keypad that you can actually feel and use competently can you?  And this is why all the mobile internet devices in the world will never really beat the dongle and a laptop computer.  Size is everything!

So weve established an internet dongle is a good device to have when it comes to using your lap top on the go and the fact you are reading this is a good indication that you are considering purchasing one of these devices for some use or another wether its work on the go or letting your children play some games at home without disturbing your use of or drawing off precious bandwith of the router you have at home, so where do you start when it comes to getting an internet dongle there are so many different networks and types of dongle to choose from it can be overwhelming not to say intimidating, lucky for you we are here to help with a horde of reviews and comparisons to save you the hassle of trawling through the internet and making notes of various sites ,tarrifs and network providers.

Compare Dongles To Get The Best Price On Pay As You Go

Use our comparison tables and read reviews to to see what suits you best you may find pay as you go internet dongles the best for you if your type of person that does not like to commit to contracts however if you are more suited to a contract there is a chance you may be able to grab yourself a better deal everything has its ups and downs which all needs to be weighed up before you consider what is best for you and relavant to your lifestyle and reflective of your monthly budget.

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