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The Importance Of Having A Dongle

November 18th, 2009

Well what a thing to say!  I mean really!  Oh no, we’re not talking about the same thing are we?  That’s the other blog i write.  These dongles are for wireless internet access of course.  If you’ve got a dongle you’ll know what i’m talking about, and if you haven’t then read on to have your eyes open…

  • What is a dongle? and what can i do with it?

Well a dongle is just a simple piece of harware that plugs into your laptop (usually the USB port) to allow you to access wireless internet while your out and about.

You can use your dongle in many different PCs and laptops, it doesn’t really matter because your wireless internet service is usually paid for the amount of time you spend on the internet, not what your dongle is plugged into.

You can use them just about everywhere in the UK.  I’m not to sure about other countries and their coverage, but i know you can use them abroad.

You do not need a landline at home to have a broadband dongle.  Dongles work independently of any current phone lines you have, they are literally a simple plug in and play type thing.

So that’s given you a litle information about dongles in one post, just in the even that you didn’t fancy looking all over the  website again.  If you want to spend more time researching dongles then this site does have some excellent resources and links to help you on your way,

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