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The Number One Pay As You Go Dongle

July 23rd, 2010

The number one dongle on the market at the moment seems to be the one offered by T-Mobile.  T-Mobile seem to be offering better and better deals these days, and they really seem to be on top of what their customers need when it comes to mobile internet on demand.

As a brand T Mobile have become very popular for their range of internet dongle plans that are aimed at occasional users. They have one of the best selection of pay as you go internet dongle plans for consumers to choose from and also offer plans suitable for businesses. many people consider T Mobile internet dongles to be some of the best available on the market in the UK.

Best Pay As You Go Dongle Deals

There are many different reasons for having a pay as you go dongle, and i won’t go into them all now, but what is important to add is that T-Mobile seem to have done their research well and appear to have considered every walk of life when designing their latest dongle deal.

Here’s how it goes:

  • 3.6Mb speed
  • Unlimited downloads
  • 30 days free broadband with your first top up.
  • Dongle is £19.99 plus £10 top up
  • Choose from £2 a day, £7 a week, or £15 a month

This is a pretty damn good deal at the moment, and when you come to top up your T-Mobile pay as you go dongle you can do it quickly and easily online without any problems at all.

But before you decide to take up this great deal we would advise you to thoroughly examine the dongle market to make sure there isn’t anything else out there that might suit you better.  More frequent internet users might want to go on a monthly plan rather than a pay as you go dongle.  It really does pay you to shop around before you buy a service such as this; simply because there are so many services out there to look at.

There are also other factors to consider in all of this coverage being one of them although there is now seldom an area that has poor coverage it is still heard of in some of the more rural areas and it would be awful to spend out the cost of an internet dongle to find it has a perpetual poor signal when somebody next door has an internet dongle with a different service provider and they are surfing the internet with no problems and at much faster speeds also as stated if you are the type of person who spends nearly all of thier personal time working or surfing the net shopping or on social networks the larger usage allowances and faster download speeds are going to be the best option for you to avoid dissapointment the same goes for people who download alot of music or films and online gamers otherwise if you check the internet every so often for the odd e mail or news broadcast you may have missed the smaller packages will definately save you a bit of cash and everyone like to save cash lets face it!

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