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There’s Always Time To Change Your Dongle

March 4th, 2010

If you’re not happy with your dongle, or your circumstances have changed due to a move or change in job etc (or maybe you just don’t go online anymore?), then you can always rethink.  This is because there is a dongle out there for all of us…

I’ve changed my dongle before to one that’s a bit cheaper. I did this simply because i wasn’t spending the same amount of time online as i used to when i was working in advertising.  Now i work from home nearly all day long every day and i don’t get out and about much anymore; thus there is no real need for a dongle beause i don’t use my laptop much anymore and my PC is cabled up to the phone line on the house.

The dongle i have now is a pay as you go dongle, rather than a contracted one.  This is the only problem about getting under contract to get yout dongle; you will struggle to get out of it and it’s often cheaper to stick with it.  I was lucky because i changed my mind just as my contract expired!  Now i only ever pay for the amount i’m online.  I think it might work out a little bit more expensive if i was to go online as often as i used to, but it’s hardly really noticable now that i’m on once in a blue moon, and it works out much, much cheaper in the long run!

The advice today is just to take care when you choose a dongle contract.  You must remember that a contract is legally bounding and if you deviate from the terms and conditions you risk consequences.

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