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To Dongle Or Not To Dongle

December 8th, 2009

Let me tell you a story about the usefulness of a dongle.  You see, once upon a time i didn’t think much to the internet, or indeed wireless internet, and a dongle was a rude a word; just like it is to many people today.  But then my daughter badgered me about about internet dongles ans how she “needed” one just to stay in the human race.  Of course, when she said she needed a dongle, she also meant that she needed a laptop to plug it into; my Christmas bill was very expensive because they didn’t have those free laptop deals out…

Now they have the free laptop deals when you buy a dongle, i don’t damn well need one!  Anyway, i am drifting from the story.  So my daughter has many months of happy dongle use, and she is online virtually all the time, wherever she is in the world; already i am thinking that this is now a good idea.  I can reach her when i need to becaus she’s always online.  It has actually become easier to reach my daughter via instant messages than it has to call her on her phone.  Thank goodness for internet dongles.

And here is the finest point.  Just when she thought she needed her internet dongle for social purposes only, she finds herself on the way to school without her homework!  A shakespeare project she has been working on tirelessly remains at home, stored on the PC.  The internet dongle saves her academic bacon here because this allows us to email her work to her laptop via the dongle.  She gets it before she arrives at school and all is saved!  The End.

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