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Two Kinds of Mobile Broadband Dongles

Find Out About The Two Kinds of Mobile Broadband Dongles

The term dongle, is quite new and unfamiliar to most people, it refers to the portable USB device that is designed to provide broadband internet access to people whenever and wherever they may be.

The UK markets are starting to open up space for both fixed priced and prepaid broadband dongles because of how cost-friendly and convenient these portable devices are. The dongle is embedded with High-Speed Downlink Packet Access technology that enables laptops to use mobile broadband and gain access to the World Wide Web.

This piece of technology has gained a lot of popularity that several broadband operators such as Orange, 3, and Vodafone are experiencing an increase of sales and traffic to their network.

There are two kinds of broadband dongles: Contract Dongles and pay as you go dongles.
For those who wish to have constant internet access wherever they go without having to worry about instant payment would normally go for the fixed plans.
Vodafone currently offers 7.2 MB for £15 per month while 3’s dongles come free with most internet packages for just £10 per month. But of course, there are instances when you do not need to use the internet and would only go online if needed, so they would normally prefer a pay as you go dongle.

Here, you only have to pay for the charges of your last internet usage and gain access to the World Wide Web at a limited period of time depending on the amount of credits you have.

Dongles are still new pieces of technology entering the UK markets, but a lot of consumers are turning to dongles because of its convenience, portability, and costs. It is a lot more practical and people are able to still experience fast and strong internet speed thanks to 3G technology. With the financial crisis going on, this seems like the best alternative to expensive internet charges that must be paid every single year.

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