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UK To Create Olympic Wireless Plan

February 1st, 2012

Ofcom is setting out to create an Olympic Wireless Plan. China discovered during the Beijing games that they needed a whole network for mobile broadband in order to deal with the influx of visitors the city had. London now has a turn at the Olympic games and they need to decide what will be best for mobile broadband. It is certain that London intends on addressing this issue way before the games actually start to ensure they are ready.

UK regulator Ofcom announced how their plans to make the consumer traffic they expect regarding data will be handled. They are considering something like event specific applications where wireless microphones and event streaming will be an option. The data load for the mobile broadband network is going to be doubled than what it usually is over the seven weeks of the games.

Ofcom stated they will have four main ways to solve the issue. They will borrow frequencies during the period of the games. These frequencies will be borrowed from the public agencies like the Ministry of Defence. Ofcom will also make certain to keep the spectrum available that is unused at the moment. They will later auction the unused portion. A third method will be to free up the digital switchover. Lastly they are going to increase the usage of unlicensed bands or bandwidths.

The UK already has one of the most used networks in the world. The games are definitely going to increase this demand. They have to work behind the scenes to ensure all issues are fixed before the games even start. There will be a central system to help manage all of the access around the game areas. They will try to provide maximum usage without issues of interference. There will also be a modern sensor network in place around the country that will help identify any interference before it becomes a problem in order to give fast wifi mobile broadband to all visitors to the games. In fact a team of radio engineers are going to be on hand to deal with any problems.

It is a necessity that the mobile broadband network is up to par before thousands of visitors arrive in the UK. Already some of the networks are working hard to solve small issues with interference and overuse.
It is a fact that the mobile broadband system was not set up for the alarming rate at which people have started to use it. No one could guess that in just a few short years mobile broadband would bloom as it has. Even though talk of tablets and iPads were made, there were still doubts.

Despite the costs of some of the mobile devices, there has still been a bloom in online usage. The UK will be a step ahead with their latest moves to counter the increased usage they will see during the Olympics. They will be ready for the multitudes of consumers that will join in the mobile broadband sector which have yet to join.
The rest of the world will have to catch up in comparison once everything is in place. Luckily for the visitors and residents of the UK, there will be no worries during the games with regards to mobile broadband. They can be at peace enjoying the games and making certain they are able to share it with their friends and family.

No system is perfect, but as long as one looks at it beforehand there is every potential of fixing the most common problems along with some of the more difficult ones. The question is whether things will go smoothly even after all of the work based on the current numbers to arrive in the UK for the games.

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