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USB Dongles

December 4th, 2009

USB dongles are incredibly convenient.  There is are no better words to describe these little wireless internet wizards, except purely and simply convenient.  I would ask you to imagine being able to go on the internet anyway you like, whether you’re sitting in a park, or sitting outside a coffee shop, but you already know this is possible; and it’s all thanks to these little internet dongles…

Now when i was a teenager, if someone had told me that i would be able to access the internet (whatever that was!) via a computer that i didn’t have to plug in and that looked like a large book taken from the shelf, with nothing but a dongle no bigger than my thumb, then i would have laughed my head off!

It all sounds very easy and straightforward now when you talk about it, but back then it was all a bit tomorrow’s world, and very unlikley indeed.  Now my teenage daughter has a dongle, all my friends have internet dongles, and even my gran has a pay as you go dongle for Christ sake!  Dongles are taking over the world.  Don’t get left behind.

So which internet dongle do you buy?  Well that is the million dollar question isn’t it?  You’ll have to do an awful lot of research, simply because there are so many different dongle deals out there on the internet these days; and all of them want you to spend money you don’t have, on dongle deals that you may actually not need!  Be careful when comparing dongle deals, and always pick what suits you best, and not which one sounds the best.

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