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Use Your Dongle To Get Online And Check Out The News

They said years ago that the internet would take over the world didn’t they?  Well they were pretty much on target with that statement.  It has already taken over our social lives with thousands preferring to talk to their friends online via social networking sites…

Get Online With Your Broadband Dongle

When you’ve got your mobile broadband dongle plugged into you laptop what’s the first site you go to these days?  I bet it’s Facebook or Twitter, or MySpace.  It has to be one of these doesn’t it?

Well the next thing to go according to an article in The Guardian is the advertising world.  What used to be the main method of advertising?  TV, yes of course, but then you have newspapers.  Well according to recent research you’d all rather plug in your PC or plug your dongle into your laptop and connect to the internet now.

This is where most people are reading the news these days, so this is inevitably going to be the place where others will advertise.  Apparently American newspapers keep getting less and less advertising, losing it out to the internet these days.  This is due to the increase in Broadband use in America.  This has gone from 34% to 64% in a very short time and caused havoc for the papers and magazines that are no longer getting the same revenue from advertising sales!

Isn’t it amazing how many lives you can touch when you plug in your dongle and read the news? obviously this is only a tiny part of what you are capable of when you have the net at your fingertips online gaming is very popular these days there is a multitude of games to play and its not even just kids that play them these days id say more adults are playing some of these games than anyone else  and the need to be sat at your t.v. or home pc is not needed now just as working and many other tasks that can now be done on the go wherever you are thanks to mobile internet broadband dongles these little devices are very handy and if you check our comparison tables youll soon see how affordable they are and the range of different deals you can obtain from all the major network providers.

Im sure by now you know you would like an internet dongle after all you are on this website so now you need to work out what it is you need from a dongle wether you need a contract or a pay as you go and wether you need a large download limit and usage allowance.First decide how much you use the internet if you find you are on the net all the time for work  or like to play games online you may head towards the larger limits and downloads on the other hand if you only check the net from time to time like for social networks or e mails  you may want lower limits to reduce the cost and possibly even pay as you go rather than being tied into a long contract.

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