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Virgin Dongles Are All About Freedom

April 26th, 2010

Virgin boast that their dongle deals are all about your freedom and ease of use.  Well we’ll have a look at one of their dongle deals and let you know what we think; what else are we here for?

You can get mobile broadband from Virgin with one of their dongles for £10 a month.  Now that sounds pretty good doesn’t it?  Well let’s see what it involves shall we?  For this price you’ll get up to 7.2 mbs speed (depending on your location of course), and you’ll also get a GB of download allowance.  Now this is much of a download allowance really is it?  But i suppose it depends on what you want your dongle for.  If you’re wanting to download a load of movies then you’ll have to upgrade to one of Virgin’s bigger and more expensive dongle deals.

There is one good thing about Virgin though, and i’m guessing this is where the whole “freedom” thing comes in.  They allow you to update your contract and choose the length of it.  You can have it as a flexible term contract that allows you to have a two month minimum term contract or you can go for the 18 month contract.  Prices and services are different across their wide range of dongles for this reason.

But saying that, this £10 a month dongle isn’t a bad deal to get that kind of speed, particularly when you don’t need a lot of download allowance.

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