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Virgin Media Dongle Deals

February 5th, 2010

Virgin Media are big players in the internet dongle business these days and they seem to have taken the internet user by storm with their fantastic deals, with great service and low prices.  So what exactly do they offer the new user of mobile internet who needs a dongle?

Firstly, Virgin Media do not mess about with loads and loads of seperate packages, they try to keep things relatively simple when it comes to getting a dongle deal, and their website reflects this well.  However, they are subject to the usual offers that surround the business of selling mobile internet so they have to offer a small variety of choices.

Virgin Media offer an 85% UK coverage for mobile broadband, a free USB dongle when you sign up to an 18 month contract with them, new flexible contracts, and a 28 day money back guarantee!  Not only this but when you buy the mobile broadband with free dongle as part of one of their saving bundle packages you can get up to 20% off.

All their flexible contracts have a minimum term of 2 month, which i consider to be pretty reasonable, after which time you can choose to keep it up for another month or simply cancel it; so it’s well worth considering one of the flexible contract routes when you get your dongle deal from Virgin.

Watch out dongle dealers, Virgin Media is taking over the number one spot pretty soon!

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