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Virgin Media Dongle is about “Freedom”

July 13th, 2010

Well that’s a statement isn’t it?  What is so “free” about the virgin dongle on offer from Virgin Media.  Well to begin with it you can use your wireless internet dongle to connect to world wide web no matter where you are and it allows you to control your cashflow a little more than most of them on the market at the moment, and i’ll tell you why…

When you “sign” with Virgin you can keep your options open and even choose a contract as short as 2 months in order to gain your freedom quicker.  You can of course sign up for a maximum contract length of 18 months and get the financial benefit of that if you wish, but Virgin seem to deal with the more transient customers lately.

Their clients seem to be young people who are on the cutting edge of technology these days and who will know when something new comes out that they will want to sign up for that instead; these customers do not want to get tied down by cancellation fees or anything like that.

Their current rates are £10 a month for 1GB usage, and £15 a month for 3GB usage.  This is a good choice really because most people will go with the cheaper one and only switch once they know that they use that extra GB or two for other online activites like watching on an iplayer or downloading music.

Don’t rule out Virgin for you dongle needs, they are really quite a reasonable ISP for mobile internet services not only that there is always the option of grabbing yourself a great deal on pay as you go which basically does what it says on the tin its pay as you go no contracts no ties if your short of cash just go without the internet untill you can pay again and there will be no penalty whatsoever which could be great for teenagers or children these can also double up as a handy tool for teachingthem the value ofmoney.

Good Coverage In Your Area

The main thing you are going to want to do is compare a range of deals to get the best for you and where better place to start than a great website like the one you are on with handy reliable comparison tables once you have made some basic decisions the rest from there is choice dependant on personal preference or needs coverage can sometimes be an issue so be sure to check the internet service provider you would like to use has good coverage in your area to avoid dissapointment after all you would not want to pay out to find out you have a constant poor signal.

The other factors you may need to consider are download speeds and data allowances for this you need to roughly know what it is you would like to use the internet for some people are slightly technophobic and only check the internet when they have to and only when they have to others like to be on it all day checking news and updating social networks decide what sort of interent user you are before you pay out because this could

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