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Vodafone And 3 Mobile Free Laptop Dongle Deals

The market seems to be smothered with these two internet dongle providers at the moment, and there is just no getting around the great deals they’re offering!  3 Mobile is offering the best laptop deal by far, but let’s not forget the other big name in free laptop dongle deals…

Vodafone have been big in this area for a long time, and now it seems that they and 3 Mobile are in continuous competition with one another.  Let’s look at the next best free laptop dongle deal from Vodafone and see if it’s something you the customer might find useful and satisfying of all your wireless internet needs.

Well, to begin with, if you’ve already read my post on the free laptop dongle deal from 3 Mobile that’s on the top of the market at the moment, then i can tell you that the deal you’re about to see from Vodafone is exactly the same, only the laptop isn’t free!

Now that sounds a little unfair doesn’t it?  And you’re right.  If 3 Mobile can offer you a Compaq Presario CQ61, complete with windows 7 and a free dongle, then why can’t Vodafone?  Well i can imagine that this is just what’s being asked in Vodafone’s boardroom at this very moment.  I would imagine that as soon as 3 Mobile decided to offer the laptop for free, Vodafone called a meeting.

This is what keeps them in second place, and as long as 3 Mobile are offering basically the same service with a free laptop (rather than paying the £59 that Vodafone seem fit to charge) then they will always be second best.  Vodafone need to update their dongle deals if they want to impress us.

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