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Vodafone Dongle Deal

March 22nd, 2010

Of course after all these posts on free laptop deals for your dongle you might actually already have a laptop.  I didn’t forget about you guys, i’ve just been busy rating the free laptop deals out there.  But there are just as many standard dongle deals to look at and rate, so here goes…

Well at the top of the list these days seems to be the good old fashioned Vodafone dongle deal.  It takes a bit of beating unless you are deliberately looking for something cheap because you don’t use several features of mobile internet use or something like that.

To begin with they offer a reasonable contract length, unlike a lot of the free laptop dongle deals that are around, Vodafone are offering an 18 month dongle contract for wireless, mobile internet.  This connection charge will buy you a good speed of up to 7.2 MB and a monthly download allowance of 3GB, which is more than enough for an average PC user at home, never mind a mobile internet user.

So how much does all this cost the customer on the 18 month contract?  £10 a month is all.  Now in our opinion, for mobile internet connections, this dongle deal takes a bit of beating, and it’s good enough for anyone to get started.  This £10 though is a current online deal and i’m not sure how long it’s going to last.  At the time i wrote this post it was valid so lets hope by the time you read this post you can still get it.

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