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Vodafone Pay As You Go Dongle Deal

January 24th, 2010

At the moment one of the top pay as you go Dongle deals is from Vodafone.  Their best dongle deal is available now and will knock the spots off anything else at the moment.  The good thing about this is that others are sure to follow suit…

When you buy one of their super fast dongles for around £35 (i think), it actually comes with £15 and no expiry date.  This is what you want from you dongle deal, a pay as you go dongle that doesn’t expire.  There’s nothing worse than getting credit on your dongle and having it expire before you’ve actually had any time to be online; it’s the ultimate cheat!

With Vodafone you can get speeds of up to 3.6mb, and believe me for laptop use when you’re out and about that is plenty; who needs more than this anyway?

So if you want a dongle with no contract, and no messing about then Vodafone’s dongle deal has the answer for you right here.  On their website i counted about seven different dongles on offer, so if this one doesn’t take your fancy you might like another one.  There are a few that offer free dongles when you pay monthly for your online time, but most of the others are £35.  There is one exception and that one is £19 but i don’t know enough about it to comment in a useful way.  Go and check them out anyway.

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