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Vodafone Standard Dongle Still Unbeatable

July 30th, 2010

This dongle is still pretty much unchallenged on the market at the moment and it remains top of our list on this site.  Vodafone just seem to be in the right place at the right time lately and they never seem to miss when they evaluate their customers’ needs. Before taking a close look at vodafones standard dong lets have a recap on what an internet dongle is.

Best Vodafone Dongle Deal

An internet dongle is a small usb device that you plug into your laptop to allow you to connect to the world wide web via a sattelite recieved signal in almost exactly the same way a mobile phone connects and communicates. Again in the very same way an internet dongle uses a sim card to send and recieve all of the information that is processed once it has been plugged into your laptop. Do not forget however a laptop is not the only thing you can plug these devices into a home computer and certain brands of tablet are capable of interaction with this device making it an extremely versatile device to have these devices tend to be plug and play these days where by you will plug it into your chosen computer and the drivers are already on it and install themselves automatically for ease of use after which all you should need to do is top it up with credit again in the same way you would a mobile phone apart from you may have the advantage of being able to see exactly what you are doing and how much you are topping up as opposed to dealing with an automated voice giving you directions on how to do so. Though we are dealing with vodafone in this post do remember every other major network provider have thier own dongle and all of them offer different deals with different download speeds and usage allowances as with all thing like this they are all in competition so remember to use this fact to your advantage when shopping around for one unless you have a definate preffered network provider you like to use.

The standard dongle deal from Vodafone goes a little like this:

  • 7.2MB Speed
  • 3GB downloads; this is around about online time of 100 hrs a month!
  • 24 month contract.  This is a little long in out opinion; vodafone could do a little more about this to be perfectly honest.
  • £15 a month
  • Free PC protection, including anti virus and anti spyware.
  • Free Dongle

So there you have it.  All the basics that you need for hours of easy internet browsing at broadband speed.  This dongle deal is simple and effective, and perhaps this is why it’s so popular.  If only Vodafone would stop being so mean about their contract lengths then we would be able to have a much more relaxed time surfing the internet knowing that we could switch supplier should a better deal come along.  There really should be a governing body that bans contract lengths of over a year unless they include free laptops.

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