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Vodafone’s Pay As You Go Dongle

February 25th, 2010

Vodafone are leaders in communication and they have been for a long time, so there is little wonder they can come up with such good pay as you go dongle deals.  Their deals will have people with low and unreliable expendable income lining up around the corner to get their hands on one of their dongles…

So what do they offer with their amazing dongle package?  Well to start with Vodafone, like O2 who i mentioned a couple of days ago, offer a choice of colours for your dongle (infact they offer one more than O2).  You pay £25 for your dongle, which has been reduced from over £30 but still remains a little more expensive than O2.  So what do you get that makes it a little better?  There are other things besides the colour choice.  When you buy a pay as you go dongle from Vodafone you get £15 worth of credit on it already!  So that’s not to be scoffed at is it?  You can also top up whenever you like for £15 for 3GB of data.  This 3GB of data does not expire either, so you can basically have it as long as you need without the need to replace credit that has been lost because you didn’t use it within a particular expiry period.

Personally i like this plan by Vodafone, and i would suggest that my teenage daughter had something like this rather than buy some data credit from another provider that is likely to expire before you’ve used it!

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