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What Are The Best Laptop Dongle Deals?

This is dependent on what you want from your laptop really, but there are a number of good offers out there at the moment.  Getting a dongle deal that secures you a free laptop PC is your complete solution to mobile internet surfing and it needn’t cost you the earth either…

There are usually several deals that are quite similar when it comes to the free laptop ones, but at the moment there is a clear leader in popularlity.  This offer is from 3 Mobile, and they have yet to be beaten on service and price as far as the free laptop is concerned.

So what’s the dongle deal?

The deal is this.  You get yourself a free Compaq Presario CQ61 worth over £350 retail price.  This particular laptop comes windows 7 ready and has its dongle for free!  The laptop is a great one for the amount it will cost you per month to have your wireless connection too.

It’ll cost you a perfectly reasonable £30 a month on a 2 year contract.  The two year contract is perfectly understandable, before you start complaining about the length, especially when you consider the value of the free laptop.

What else does this price buy you?

Well for this £30 you also get the following pretty standard features (some are more impressive than others):

  • 5Gb of dowloads
  • Up to 7Mbs speed
  • Free dongle.

For all that’s listed above, we think that 3 Mobile have got it right finally, and they are offering a pretty middle of the road, reasonably priced dongle deal.  It gets our thumbs up today.

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