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What Is A Dongle

January 18th, 2012

Until now, a lot of people have probably never heard of the device which is called  a dongle so they may ask what is a dongle. A dongle is little gadget that allows you to connect to your digital frame or computer to send data. Yet, these dongles do a lot more than just that.

What is a dongle? It is a USB adapter so to speak. Actually, a dongle is listed under general accessories and sometimes called Add-ons or wireless adapters.

A dongle is a tiny piece of hardware, which connects to computers. The standard dongle is usually a portable and handy device that resembles the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Flash Drives. At one time, the dongles were used to authenticate or endorse parts of software programs, but today people see the dongle as the Broadband Wireless Adaptor because some of these adapters are capable of transferring large amounts of data at high speeds while covering a broad range of electromagnetic frequencies.

The dongle works as a USB or external interface and it is designed to connect and communicate amid a computer and attached low-to mid-speed peripheral device, such as your computer or laptop.

Most times the dongles emerge as dual-interface security token that have fleeting data flow, which will not impede on other dongle performance or functions and the will draw from communication that interprets or reads secured data from the dongle. Note that it has fleeting data flow, which means that the data, if stored on the device may or may not be there when you need it. If you get the device wet, or else accidentally delete the data stored on the device it will disappear.

In summary, the dongle is a security device for protected software. When you plug in the device to a computer it allows a specified copy – protected program to run in which the disabled program on the PC will not work if the device is not connected. This is probably one of the most effective devices because it secures your data and protects software against piracy.

The disadvantage of this dongle is that if you accidentally delete your data it will be lost forever. Proprietary marketers and vendors will use dongles often to copy and transfer protected data to a digital frame. They may use the dongle as a digital rights-protected management tool as well simply because it makes it more difficult for others to replicate the data that is protected on the dongle.

What is a dongle? It is a device that allows you to protect your data on a secured network but without the proper software, the dongle may or may not function in restricted mode only. This device should never be considered a trusted tool to solve your customer problems.

If you intend to buy a dongle to store data you are making a big mistake. Only store data on the device temporary until you can transfer it to your computer or disk.

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