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What’s The Best Dongle At The Moment?

Well this question depends entirely on when you actually read this post and in fairness is also heavily subject to opinion.  But considering that my information at the time of writing this post is correct, you will be able to find an example of what we think is the best one at the moment below…

However, you must also understand that this is purely subjective.  You may not require a dongle deal like i have for example.  You might not worry about your download allowance, whereas i may be very concerned about it; it all depends on who is buying the dongle when you’re working out which dongle is the best.

One of the current contenders is the every popular Vodafone mobile broadband dongle.  This dongle offers the following:

  • Free USB dongle
  • 7.2Mb speed.
  • 3Gb downloads.
  • 12 month contract.
  • £15 a month.

Obviously the choosing of this top favourite doesn’t include those offering free laptops, they are in a different class and clearly need complaining about seperately.

But if you want a good reliable dongle deal from a reputable company then Vodafone’s dongle is the one for you; you really won’t get much better if you don’t need a laptop to go with it.  So give it a go.

However can i advise you first check the coverage in your area before you start spending your money although most network providers do cover nearly all areas these days its still worth a check as to avoid disapointment it would be such a shame to go through all the hassle of comparing all of these deals finally finding the right one paying for it and when it gets you finding out it barely ever has a good signal.

Good Coverage With Vodafone Dongles

You will more than likely find you do get good coverage on the vodafone network  so after that you can start deciding which type of deal you want get yourself the main thing to consider in this is making sure it is reflective of your budget and personal needs there are many different reasons someone may want or need a wireless internet dongle some people use them for work whilst they are on their way on the train others for gaming and so on its factors like these that will help you decide wether first you would like a contract or a pay as you go deal and from there the amounts of data and download speeds you would like.

Vodafone offer a range of deals on contracts or pay as you go if you are lucky you may find some deals with freebies thrown in such as free laptops or games consoles if you only use the internet sparingly say to check the news from time to time or e mails perhaps a pay as you go deal would be the best for you because you can just top these dongles up with cash as and when making them easy in the sense that you are not tied in to any long term contract otherwise if you do alot of work or online gaming a contract with large data allowance and fast download speeds.

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