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What’s The Best PAYG Dongle?

February 23rd, 2010

For those of you who don’t know what that means, you’re not very street are you?  No, seriously it means pay as you go dongle, and these are ideal for the younger wireless internet users or those who have an irregular income or don’t want to be tied to a contract…

The best pay as you go dongle at the moment, according to all the dongle comparision websites out there is most probably the offer from O2 at the moment.  O2 charge you £20 and offer you a choice in colour for your dongle and speeds of up to 3.5 mbs.  Now that lot isn’t really important is it?  Well not to me anyway, i want to know a little more.

After you’ve bought your dongle you then pay for your data as you use it.  So for example you can pay just £2 and have 500mb or 1 day online, then you can get 7 days for £7.50, or 30 days for £15.  This is the beauty of O2’s deal, it allows you to have a little more control about what you spend your money on, and if you’re a teenager who doesn’t have a huge expendable income, a dongle deal like this one from O2 is a pretty good prospect; especially since you’ll probably spend the weekend in bed anyway.

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