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Who Buys Pay As You Go Dongles?

July 16th, 2010

Well the main market for pay as you go dongles is in the young adult and light user market.  No-one wantes to pay more for their mobile internet activities than they have to of course, and many pay as you go dongles offer you the freedom to try out mobile internet without feeling like you have to “get your money’s worth” out of the connection charge…

There are a few on the market at the moment that offer good value for money at the moment, but the trick is to always compare the market (if you will excuse the expression that has become synonymous with those dreadful furry creatures.  But the fact remains that if you compare your dongle prices then you’re sure to get a decent deal from your ISP.

You can get pay as you go dongles for as little as £2 a day from ISPs like T Mobile, and most of the pay as you go dongles don’t force you into using all your credit within a certain period of time.  So if you only go online a few times each month then a pay as you go dongle is perfect for you as long as your usuage doesn’t run out after a month.  If this is the case then you might as well have a regular dongle.

It’s certainly worth looking into if you think that you’re more of a light user these days. Compare pay as you go dongle prices and you’ll come up with one that suits your needs there is a chance after carefull thought and comparison you would like to tie into a contract for a wireless internet dongle there can be many advantages to these alot of companies are offering some great deals with freebies to get you to go with them first things first which network provider are you going to choose? You may already have a contract phone with a preffered network which could also offer you a reduced a bill if your not sure do check for coverage in the area you are most likely to use your dongle in, in fairness most companies cover all over Britain after all its in thier interest for business however it is still worth a check as it would be very dissapointing to purchase a product and find out its inferior to others.

Grab The Best Pay As You Go Dongle Deal

As stated comparison is probably going to the best way to grab the best deal to suit your needs which is where the handy comparison tables on this website come into effect saving you alot of time and hassle of trawling through web pages and taking notes and saving pages. Just work out what you need be it a contract or pay as you go then you can move on to deciding wether you need very fast download speeds and if you need alot of data allowance this will all be dependant on what you use the internet for. If you or your children for that matter like to play online games alot you will probably want large downloads and faster speeds if its just to pop on the net once in a while to check the news or e mails there is no point paying out alot because simple tasks like this do not take up alot.

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