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Why Not Get An iPhone Instead Of A Dongle

August 21st, 2010

Granted, there are enormous benefits from getting an iPhone or something like that that can go online and allow you access to everything you want, emails and videos from the net and all that sort of stuff, but what do you do if you’re an old timer like me and you can barely see the damn screen?

That’s right, some of us struggle with those iPhones you know, and that is why we still use laptops and dongles.  A dongle will allow your laptop computer to go online and surf the net and all the other stuff, just as well as an iPhone or any other mobile internet device; and the beauty of a laptop is that you can see the screen (depending on the screen size that is!)

Now, some of you smart people out there might want to shout iPad at me and i can understand this too, but what about the keyboard on the iPad?  That just isn’t the same if you ask me.  I need to feel the weight of a key falling beneath my finger in order to realise that i’ve actually written the word i want to write, don’t you?  And besides all that, the keys are all too close together for my liking.

We need the internet dongle if we’re going to surf the internet when we’re out and about; it’s as simple as that.  The dongle will never die!

In reality comparing an i phone to an internet dongle is a bit like comparing a shovel to your hand, they both will do the same job but will do it in very different ways my main point is if your slightly technophobic and dont have fingers shaped like a stylus your probably going to be better off with an internet dongle for your lap top that you know well and are familiar with.

Compare And Find The Best dongle

Where do you start though? if you type in broadband dongle into a search engine you will soon become almost bogged down with choices and offers from all sorts of network providers and affiliate websites which is where this website will come in very handy it has a very reliable and informative comparison tables as well as good review page to help you find out which type of dongle deal will suit you best depending on a range of options.

Id advise you first decide a preferable network provider and then take the next step of finding out what the network coverage in the area your most likely to use it is like after that you can move on to the more refined side of what you need it for i.e. do you need large download limits would you want a contract or pay as you go and how much youd like to spend per month for this service it seems like there is a lot to weigh up but the comparison tables on this site make it a very simple task for you to make a well informed decision and to complete enabling you to get online anywhere anytime alot quicker than trying to research it all manually.

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