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Windows 7 Free Laptop Dongle Deal

February 28th, 2010

This is a great offer from the Carphone warehouse. It’s good that they carried on and made it clear that they sold other stuff isn’t it?  Otherwise no-one would go to them anymore…

Well this offer is a dongle deal for £17.50 per month and in this deal you get the following:-

  • Free MSI135 with Windows 7
  • Three Mobile Broadband
  • Free Dongle

Now that’s a pretty good deal for under £20 a month i’ll tell you.  This is testament to the fact that you should always shop around and compare dongle deals whenever you can.  Personally i always work from home but i am very tempted to get one of these dongle deals and have a little work somewhere else in the world; maybe take my work on the train or to the cafe with me?

Now that Windows 7 is out it’s a good time to get a free laptop dongle deal.  You needn’t wait any longer, and when you sign up for this package it’s as achievable to pay as your TV licence for goodness sake!

So treat yourself or a loved one to the laptop deal of a decade and get them the free laptop and an excellent, unbeatable online dongle deal.

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