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Your Dongle Might Not Be Fast

March 29th, 2010

This is a post just to make you all aware that all the speeds advertised on many of the broadband dongle websites and adverts may not be the speed you can actually receive.  There is still a very variable reliability and speed to the average wireless internet connection…

There are many factors that can effect the speed of your internet connection when you’re wired like the length of your cable from the telephone socket in your home, how many appliances are using the telephone connection, how many filters you have etc.  Outside your home you have to consider how well the phone lines are maintained and how far from the main exchange they are too!

Well there are even factors to consider when you select a wireless broadband connection with a dongle.  The distance from the telephone exchange and the nearest good signal are still a great factor in the speeds you can get.  So ultimately you can be paying for up to 8Mbs but only be able to receive around 3-4Mbs because of where you live or where you work with your wireless internet device.

It really is important that you consider this when you choose a dongle deal, and review all the offers very carefully on this website and others before making a decision.  It may also be advisable to consult an expert about your connection reliability and speed before you commit to buying a dongle package.  If you do this, try not to become too paranoid about talking to the provider you’re thinking about buying from; they really can do without your business because they’re usually a pretty big company and they won’t need to rip you off.

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