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17 Amazing bits of Tech that WILL change your life!

Technology now runs our lives. So much so that the future is closer than ever with devices and innovations that will literally change our lives.

In this feature:
  • – Robotics can do anything we want it to do.
  • – Humans no longer need to be on the end of a trigger.
  • – Soon you could have a custom printed heart, liver and kidneys.


17. Self driving Cars


Imagine a world where there’s no more road rage. Where our roads are in harmony… With Google’s new self driving cars approved in selected states it won’t be long until the driver behind you might just be an autonomous robot.

This technology has hit harsh criticism in the news over the safety of road users. However with over one million miles clocked, not a single accident has been caused by the self driving vehicle.

These cars know just about every rule of the highway code, always stick to speed limits and won’t cut you up.


16. Smart homes controlled from your phone


You can pretty much control anything with your mobile phone these days. But did you know you can now control your whole house?

From the locks on your front door to the blinds in your room the ultimate control will be found in our side pockets.

This technology is now making its way into our homes more and more often. Smart devices like the Philips Hue bulb and the Nest thermostat is only the beginning.


15. Self-Steering Bullets


Remember when curving bullets were just a sci-fi dream? A secretive branch of the US military developed bullets that can steer themselves to lock onto any target.

This scary innovation is a piece of tech that could change our lives for worse or for better. No more can we dodge a flying bullet as it’ll only make its way round the corner.

(Well that will probably ruin a lot of action movies)


14. Realistic Robotics

giphy (1)

Long gone are the days of stiff robotics and plastic faces. We are now ushering in a new world of life like robots that mimic mammals in both moments and looks. Luckily the clever folks at Boston Dynamics (Google owned) have been doing just this.

These complex robots could be found on dangerous military exercises, recovery missions or even the new found family pet. Of course at the moment prices of these metallic creatures range in the hundreds and thousands.

In spite of this it shouldn’t be long now until these robots can be found commercially.


13. Wearable Tech


The future going forward converges on one main concept: wearable tech. With the Apple Watch leading and Android trailing behind even the most simple of tasks will be undertaken from our wrists.

Paying for items will be easier than ever. Combined with other technologies such as contactless payments users will only have to place their wrist over a chip-n-pin device to pay.

Other technology like heart rate, temperature and gyro monitors will make a major difference too.


12. Colour Changing Material


Yes you read that right. With various names from colour changing, chameleon or even camouflage material the practical uses for such a piece of tech could be limitless. (Not to mention the possibility of an invisibility cloak).

In its earliest stage the material is said to be able to adjust colour on the basis of being squashed or squeezed.

This silicon tech is the smallest of its kind at 120 nanometers thick meaning it can be applied to just about any surface.


11. Solar Powered Planes


Albeit a project in its infancy, solar powered planes will change the way we fly forever.

Prices will fall, co2 emissions will plummet and it should lead a path to a greener technology.

Starting off at Abu Dhabi, this sun powered machine is making a round trip across the world. This proves the technology works and that it could one day replace commercial airliners once and for all.


10. Wearable Drones


Considering how drones are now only just taking off (see what I did there?) its crazy to think companies are already developing wearable drones.

From automatic face masks to a simple wristband, wearable drones will change the way we think about our daily tasks.

Nixie’s the first wearable and flyable drone that can be launched at any moment to capture those crucial moments. Maybe this will bring a new way to how we record home movies?


9. Bionic Eyes


Like something out of a movie the bionic eye reveals a possible future where eye sight can be restored and blindness will be at a record low.

The mayo clinic have been the first in line to introduce their Bionic eye implant. It currently doesn’t allow users to see things as a normal eye would, but does show shapes and colours.

This is a first step in many to giving full vision to the blind. (Or even replace our own eyes one day)


8. Bionic Arms

giphy (2)

As with bionic eyes, advances in robotics give limbless people a chance once again at controlling their hand eye coordination.

With unimaginable precision users can pickup, interact and control objects that would otherwise be impossible. This is all made possible through the body’s own nervous system that controls such processes.

Harnessing this technology has been steadily progressing. However it has finally reached a point where it is cost effective and precise.


7. 3D Printing

giphy (3)

We have all seen the dramatic surge in 3D printing but did you know we can now print human body parts?

The speed of printing is being cut with every innovation. It won’t be long until we rely on this process to print our food, ornaments and possibly a kidney amongst that.

3D printing is a relatively cheap process with the ability to add intricate details. Fancy having a 3D printer alongside your fax machine?


6. Robot Assistants


How could this not be a tech innovation? Humans are inherently lazy. If we can get a robot to do the work for us then why not?

It may not be on par with the movies just yet but jibo recently raised nearly $3 Million to be our new in home assistant. As a friendly, helpful and intelligent Robot, Jibo could make it into homes across the world.

This will Provide us with the ability to interact with our very own personal assistant that could See, hear and learn. (And maybe take over the world.)


5. Flexible displays


Ever since harry potter introduced us to the the likes of moving newspapers it has been a mission of man to make it possible.

Leading technology companies have been developing credit card thin screens for years. However more recently the ability to bend them has surfaced.

Recently these screens have made their way into our curved Tv’s and phones, but that doesn’t mean it will stop there. Given how thin and flexible these screens are we only have to wait for the cost to drop before it could be made widely available.

4. Robotic Exoskeletons

giphy (5)

Man no longer even needs to retain the ability to walk as we can now get Robotic Exoskeletons to do the hard work for us.

Given their practicality in the modern world, exoskeletons could assist frail people with otherwise normal tasks. Studies have shown that the use of such devices have helped to reduce recovery times dramatically.

From a more commercial point of view the military applications are countless. Our troops that land over sea could one day be an ending scene out of the matrix.

3. Hoverboards


Straight out of back to the future comes the somewhat classic hoverboard. However these movie scenes are no longer a childhood dream.

Developers Hendo Hover successfully funded the idea through a kickstarter campaign. Since then the price may have stayed firm at $10,000 but the interest is certainly showing no signs of drying up soon.

Unfortunately we’re a long way off from seeing this device out on the road. In spite of this developments are being made daily to make this possible.


2. Hydrophobic Materials

vbgVXA (1)

If the constant fear of spilling coffee down your shirt scares you senseless then this bit of tech will change your life immensely.

Gone are the days of stained clothing or dirty shoes with new extremely liquid resistant materials. Just a simple spray on coat all of your clothes, stationery and devices can keep them dry.

This process first started of with water resistant sprays but has since progressed to full on waterproofing. Its not just water you’re protected against either. Foods, fats and oils will just run down you like its nothing.


1. Virtual Reality

giphy (7)

Humans are never be satisfied with what we have in life. That’s why virtual reality has emerged to fill that gap in the market.

With an a variety of applications to the real world, ideas behind virtual reality are (virtually) limitless. From becoming your very own bird man to deep sea diving in the tropics, Virtual Reality will take you there.

The oculus rift was the first to start the revolution with Sony and HTC following. Gamers will have the most to benefit from this as has already been demonstrated with fully immersive 3D games.

Nonetheless as future developments are made signs show it will only get better.

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