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How To Amuse Your Pets With Your Tablet

October 24th, 2014

Keeping a cat or dog amused for a prolonged length of time can be tricky. For cats it can be hard to even get them moving and for dogs it can mean 10 walks a day to get rid of all that energy.

Using your tablet as a distraction is awesome. You can keep your furry friends happy whilst you sit down and relax. So what are these magical apps and what do they do?

Below is is a roundup of apps that I have found that you and your pet are likely to enjoy.

Friskies Apps

Friskies, the cat food brand, have actually come out with a range of apps for your cute kitty cats. What’s even better is that they’re all free to download! Their most popular game is CatFishing 2, which well… it just a bunch of fishes swimming around the screen, the cat can earn points by hitting them (this can be played on Android and iOS). Their other iOS games include Happy Wings (for Android or iOS), You vs. Cat (for Android or iOS), Jitterbug (for iOS) and the classic CatFishing (for iOS).


As you may have guessed from the title, this is an iOS only game that is for it’s name’s sake a squeaky toy. It has an array of different toy sounds and has an image on the screen for each toy that can be pressed, the longer you (or your dog) touches the toy the louder it gets. This works for smaller dogs but it’s not advised with larger dogs, the last thing you want is a broken screen!

Crazy Cat

This is an Android only game that uses not only a tablet but your mobile phone. You control the mouse with your phone (via bluetooth) whilst your cat chases the mouse on your tablet screen! So you don’t have to worry about getting swiped trying to take the tablet back off them. It’s an awesome way to keep your cat amused and is good for cats of all ages.

Pocket Pond 2

This app can be used with any pet really, it’s a wonderful fish pond with interactive fish. It can be relaxing for you but a game to your pet, you can even amuse a child at the same time. You can find this app for Android and for iOS, all for absolutely no cost. It’s a more realistic game for your pets, unlike the cartoon style you find in other pet games.

Paint for Cats

This is a super fun and creative app by Little Hiccup; it’s a canvas for your cat to paint on. Your cat paints on the canvas by chasing a rainbow coloured mouse across the screen. You’re then left with lots of coloured splurges that can be printed off and made into real life art. You can also use this app with smaller dogs, as long as they like to chase mice. You can only find this app on iOS.

That completes our round up of tablet tips for amusing your pet. If you are considering a new tablet PC then do head over to our tablet contract comparison section where you can view the latest deals across all of the Networks.


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