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The Many Benefits To Mobile Dongles

October 24th, 2014

Some people may think that internet dongles are a thing of the past, but they’re actually still thriving even in our new technology riddled age. The technology behind them may not be new, but the beauty of them is that their uses do not age at all. The sale of internet dongles has been steady and there a dozens of reasons to own one even today. So what are the benefits?

The freedom to be wherever

With an internet dongle you can be pretty much anywhere, though you will have to pay extra should you wish to use it on other countries other than your own. You can use your dongle in the library, at school/college, in your back garden or even on holiday. Dongles are designed to be small and portable, so they’re not cumbersome and provide you with high speed 3G/4G internet. They’re also good for those who live in the middle of nowhere, as some homeowners find that normal broadband providers do not supply broadband to far out areas.

Great for businessmen and women

Many men and women who work within the business sector or travel a lot will use internet dongles. This is again because you can use them almost anywhere, if you get the train to work or commute in a cab, then you can spend that travel time doing work on your laptop. If you’re on the go then you want internet that can come with you, you can’t take your home broadband anywhere with you. In fact you can’t be more than 5 meters away from your hub in most cases!

No wires, just 1 dongle

Another benefit to having an internet dongle is that there are no wires to plug in and no programs to install or download, you just plug it in and away you go. Most home computers can rely on the wifi to be wireless, but as I said before they can only go up to around 5 meters away from the hub on average. With a dongle you could have it permanently plugged in and take your computer to a friends house, to the pub or to a different part of the country.

Can be more cost effective

There are some people who would prefer not to have a broadband package that includes line rental and a tv package. You can get single packages for broadband, but they do not account for the line rental you normally have to pay to have it, which boosts the price up by over double. With a dongle you pay only for the sim card and usage, it tends to be a set fee with a limit on it agreed by yourself and if you’re not happy with it you can just stop using it as you’re not tied into a lengthy contract.

No contracts with more flexibility

With a mobile dongle you’re not tied into any kind of contract, you pay each month on a rolling monthly contract which means you can stop using it at any time you like with no nasty charges. It gives you much more flexibility and means you can try lots of different providers before settling down with the one you like best, you can’t do that with broadband.



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