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Sizing Up The Competition – The Battle For Largest Smartphone

January 19th, 2015

2014 may now be behind us and in the past, but it was very much the year of rather large smartphones. So many phones were brought out in this time that they even coined a new phrase, Phablet. This is, unsurprisingly, phone and tablet mashed together; but the meaning is a phone that is of a size between a phone and a tablet (so kind of like brunch?). Many companies dipped their toes into this stream of monumental phones, but below are the top 6 contenders (by Tech Spartan) who have tirelessly battled for best ‘phablet’ 2014.

Sony Xperia Z Ultra

UK Release Date: September 2013

Screen Size: 6.4 inches

Although this phone was released well over a year ago, it still contends with the finest phones brought out in 2014. This phone in particular is the largest in this list, but is followed by several phones smaller than itself. This is because the phone was deemed to be slightly too large, becoming almost an inconvenience to those who had to try and force it into their pockets. SONY have in fact teased over an updated version of the phone, will we be seeing this in 2015? We do hope do.

Nokia Lumia 1520

UK Release Date: October 2013

Screen Size: 6 inches

This phone was also brought out over a year ago, however it became the first ever mobile to feature Windows Phone 8. The phone was given ample reviews, all very good and saying that the phone had many uses despite its size. Being smaller than the SONY Xperia Z Ultra, the phone did far better when it came to sales and sat nicely in the pockets of thousands all over the world. It even got a thumbs up from the guys and gals at Pocket-lint!


UK Release Date: May 2014

Screen Size: 5.5 inches

LG hit the jackpot in 2014 when they decided to go one less than Nokia and SONY and create a tablet 5.5 inches tall. This was soon to be the smartphone size of choice and pathed the way for several other smartphones thereafter. Although it does not have the greatest battery life, the phone was given top reviews and was reasonably cheap for the time, under £500 brand new. It’s best selling point, however, is it’s fantastic 13 megapixel camera.

iPhone 6 Plus

UK Release Date: September 2014

Screen Size: 5.5 inches

Released 4 months after the LG G3, Apple had created a mobile phone that would soon become the talk of the whole town. Apple had been juggling a few balls at this time as they also released a brand new thunderbolt screen which boasted the first ever 4K retina display. However, the news stories became a little too much with the start of “bendgate”. There was a lot of speculation over the structure of the phone after several customers reporting the phone bending in their pockets due to its size. Thankfully, these were extreme cases that the phone should not have been in, so you can keep your 6 plus for now!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

UK Release Date: October 2014

Screen Size: 5.7 inches

Late last year we saw the entrance of a phone 0.2 inches larger than the competition, a phone that had already a proven record of massive proportions. The latest in the Galaxy Note timeline has proven to be a big hit among avid tech geeks and professional reviewers the world over. It’s massive size does not put you off the amazing display, the superb battery life and very useful built-in S Pen one bit.

Google Nexus 6

UK Release Date: November 2014

Screen Size: 6 inches

The very latest phone in our list is also one of the cheapest in the arena, for less than £500 brand new. The screen size again has gone up and we’re comfortably sitting around 6 inches. However, the phone has not done as well as previous contenders, which could be due to the jump in size. The downside to the phone is that although the screen size is bigger, the phone offer no extra tools or programs to be more productive with it. It’s great for watching movies, but not so great as an all round smartphone.

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