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Why Did Apple Decide To Make An 18 Carat Gold Smart Watch?

March 26th, 2015

As you may have seen recently in the news, Apple have decided to create a smart watch called the “Apple Watch” (not iWatch). This has been in talks for quite some time, with Apple boasting the availability of apps, battery life and durability. However, the durability level increases ten fold with the introduction of a double strengthened 18 carat gold case worth somewhere in the region of £8,000 (or more accurately starting at $10,000 in the USA). But why make a watch made of gold, why such an expensive material? Well, the watch as a whole is made up of materials that are considered as luxury and expensive, Apple have long been associated with high end technologies so the logic is there. Apple as a company are making a statement, that they’re the best at everything. It sounds a little childish, but that’s effectively what they are trying to do with potential moves into home security and even electric cars.

There is however an issue that arises in using such a material, and that is that the gold market changes very rapidly. Apple are almost sticking their neck out on the line as their precious watch may vary in price by the time it is finally created. By this time, judging by the current state of the market, the watch will only be affordable to the rich and famous (not that it’s overly affordable for the general public as it is) or be so cheap that no one will care for it and it will die out before you know it. The shame in this is that you’re only paying more for the materials really as the basic premise of the watch and its functions are almost the same as the lowest range Apple Watch. So why do this? Why not just focus more on the more affordable watches and push those out to the masses? We can all agree that the market for the gold watch is far smaller but due to the gravity of the price, Apple may make just as much on their gold watches as they do the low range watch.

Apple have revealed recently how it will be making its new gold watched as the company showed a video showing the process. They will be using a mix of 2 kinds of gold, yellow and rose gold to make their watches as this makes the material much harder and durable. They’ve even worked hard to make the hardened material to still feel soft to the touch and the whole thing is created from one block of gold. The attention to detail for each watch is immense, which is reflected in the price. The aim, for Apple, is to create a watch that can do everything you want it to but also want it to be future proof. The company is well known for spotting trends before they hit, but that is because they are not only passionate about what they do but also because they are constantly studying their products and how they’re used.

A good example of this is the iPhone 6 Plus, which is one very large phone but works extremely well for many people. It’s like having a small tablet, which is great if you’re very media orientated. The watch, on the other hand, is aimed at those who are always on the go but still like to have a little bit of media in their lives. The watch does do more than look pretty, it has many features that simply cannot be found in any other smart watch (although we’re sure it won’t be long until their technologies are copied by others). So to answer the question, why did Apple decide to make a 18 carat gold watch? Because they actually could.

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