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Laptop and imac
September 13th, 2015

Since the unveiling of the original iPad in 2010 the tablet computing industry has sky rocketed; what was originally a fairly bulky and unflattering design became as sleek and…

Uninstall Android apps
July 29th, 2015

You probably have too many apps on your Android phone. It’s okay, most people do; there’s a certain thrill with unpacking your new device to head straight to the…

Closing android apps
July 29th, 2015

One of the selling points of Android when it first came out was true multitasking. This is both a positive and a negative on modern smart-tech. The Positives The good thing…

How to close apps on Windows phone
July 14th, 2015

Windows Phone supports true multitasking, meaning that pressing the Windows button doesn’t close an app but in fact leaves it running in the background. This, as you’d expect, eats up…

Netflix app
June 27th, 2015

In the age of high definition online video; where resolutions can go up to 3840 X 2160 as standard; data usage caps are still expensive, even for as…

Backup android
June 24th, 2015

It may be 2015, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still major fatal issues with all kinds of technology. Backing up may not be as important as it once…

June 20th, 2015

Chances are you wont have memorised your wifi password. Sometimes it becomes necessary retrieve this for a new device or a friend to be able to access the internet.┬áBut…

How to close apps on ipad
June 13th, 2015

Closing your apps on an iPad is simple when you know how: The key thing to know is that just exiting out of an app does not actually close it…

update windows phone
June 10th, 2015

With Windows phone 10 looming just around the corner, it’s important to know how to update your phone to the latest version so that you can be one of…